• Grilled meat, mixed salad and spices
  • Stuffed pastry, spices on the side
  • Sweet rolled pastry
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About us

Caminito is the product of the effort of a passionate group of Argentines to offer a more casual alternative to other Argentinian restaurants in Weston. The setting of the place recreates a historical atmosphere of "Caminito", in the neighborhood of La Boca.

Caminito is a museum alley and a passage, of great cultural and tourist value. The place acquired cultural significance because it inspired the music of the famous tango "Caminito" (1926), composed by Juan de Dios Filiberto. The path runs from east to west, forming a curve of about 150 meters, crossing diagonally a block limited by the streets Araoz de Lamadrid (to the north), Garibaldi (to the west), Magallanes (to the south), and Del Valle Iberlucea (to the East). Its shape follows the course of an old line from a branch of the Buenos Aires Railroad to the Ensenada Port, later abandoned. In 1959, it was officially converted into a "museum street", completely pedestrianized, with the name "Caminito".

Sobre nosotros

Caminito es el esfuerzo de un grupo apasionado de argentinos de ofrecer una alternativa casual de los mejores sabores y comidas de Argentina. El restaurante recrea la atmosfera histórica de “Caminito” en el barrio de La Boca.

Caminito es un callejón museo y un pasaje, de gran valor cultural y turístico, ubicado en el barrio de La Boca de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. El lugar adquirió significado cultural debido a que inspiró la música del famoso tango "Caminito" (1926), compuesta por Juan de Dios Filiberto. Por el contrario, la letra del conocido tango, escrita por el riojano Gabino Coria Peñaloza, está inspirada en un sendero de la localidad de Olta, en la provincia de La Rioja. Por esta razón y en homenaje a Coria Peñaloza, en 1971 una calle de la localidad de Chilecito, recibió también el nombre de "Caminito".

Our principles are:

Offer Argentine food and flavors of good quality and affordable price.
Offer a pleasant place and a cordial environment.
Good treatment from employees.
Create good experiences for customers for their loyalty.
Offer high-quality standards in the production of our dishes.